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Spice up your classroom

When students’ eyes glisten with excitement and their faces reflect the dawn of understanding, you know that true learning is taking place. With SpicyNodes, self-directed exploration and interactive learning fuel the curiosity and wonder that come so naturally to kids.

A new teaching tool.

SpicyNodes provides an innovative means to add excitement to almost any area of study. As students become enamored with the presentation of their ideas, they increasingly focus on the quality of their work and develop the critical thinking skills necessary for the digital age.

SpicyNodes can be useful to learners of all ages, whether they are middle school, high school, college, adult education students, or museum visitors. It is great for visual and experiential learners, and well as students with learning disabilities.

Seeing the forest and the trees.

The SpicyNodes interface compels students to showcase the relationships among details and the overall scope of their work. As students connect the parts to the whole, they’ll achieve even greater understanding of the subject matter.

The advantages.

  • Teach complex and multifaceted topics. In the same spirit as Venn Diagrams, outlines, and concept maps, SpicyNodes is an easy way for students to learn grasp nonlinear topics.
  • Draw in students. SpicyNodes’ richly visual and interactive interface captures students’ attention, while their motivation is fueled by the desire to clearly convey ideas and publish them online.
  • Do more with less. SpicyNodes is free for any use, including the classroom. If you need additional features, see the store for affordable Enterprise subscriptions.
  • Learn by teaching. SpicyNodes is a publishing platform, and nodemaps are designed for sharing information. This makes the students into authors and teachers.
  • A sensible use of technology. Your students click web links, text their friends, and twitter. SpicyNodes takes this concept of hyperlinks and short messages to the classroom, allowing students to display ideas, events, and facts in concert with one another.

Sample lesson plans.

Please browse the links on the left to explore lesson ideas in the sciences and humanities.

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