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SpicyNodes in college

Your tech-savvy students are preparing for careers that heavily rely on communicating information over the internet. When utilizing SpicyNodes, students must analyze a challenging new form to consider the best method for presenting information in that form. As internet technology rapidly changes, students will benefit from quickly adapting their skills for a new medium.

Our lessons focus on writing and poetry as a means to explore SpicyNodes, but you can adapt almost any topic to the form. Students might detail the nuances of the Existentialists, or they they could generate a complex set of steps to stem climate change. A SpicyNodes assignment challenges your students to think about a reader’s interaction with information. At the same time, it introduces students to media that takes advantage of the tools of the Digital Age – without the need for any technological expertise.

Recommended Lesson Plan L1: Reading Dickinson & Mallarme
L2: Newspaper Cutouts
HW: Eavesdropping
L3: Synthesizing
HW: Node Poem Writing Assignment
L4: Additions and Subtractions / Workshops

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