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by Dee Dee Thompson

18 October 2008

Dee Dee Thompson is a middle school science teacher. She currently teaches for Beaufort County Schools in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Weather or Not: Intro

Illustration: Tornado spiral

Weather is all around us. Is it sunny or rainy? Hot or cold? Some observations can be made easily - just look outside your classroom window -while others require using special tools. Regardless of the season, weather is always cool! How much do your students know about severe weather? What causes tornadoes and hurricanes? How are they similar to one another? How are they different? In this lesson, students will learn about the conditions that cause some of nature’s most fascinatingly destructive weather events.


  • Discipline: Earth Science
  • Level: Middle School
  • Objective: Learn characteristics of tornadoes and hurricanes, and compare and contrast them.
  • Time needed: Five 40-50 minute classroom periods.

on weather, relevance to standards and benchmarks, and vocabulary.

for Middle School students, designed for 5 classroom periods.

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