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by Victoria Anderson

28 October 2008

Victoria Anderson is a certified elementary education teacher who specializes in Language Arts and Social Science education. Ms. Anderson possesses a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, and is currently working as a freelance education writer.

Beyond the Buffalo: Intro

The study of Native Americans encompasses a large part of the history of the United States, and taps into several disciplines, including American history, North American geography, civics, art, and culture. Integrating the study of Native Americans into the study of American history and the geography of North America is imperative to obtaining a complete picture of North American culture. Therefore, the purpose of this unit is to examine the true Native North Americans and to provide students with an immense knowledge base of multiple groups of people who posses a myriad of rich and intriguing cultures and backgrounds.


  • Discipline: Social Studies
  • Level: Upper Middle School
  • Objective: Understanding the culture, history, and current lives of Native Americans in North America
  • Time needed: Twelve, one-hour periods (minimum)

on North American Native Americans, relevance to standards and benchmarks, and vocabulary.

for upper middle school students, designed for twelve, one-hour class periods.

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