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Join the potluck!

SpicyNodes was born at the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement, and we’re committed to providing a forum for sharing information about using technology to further educational goals. We encourage your students to share their nodes with their community of students and parents. We also want to hear from you, so let us know if you have feedback for our development team, or ideas you’d like to share with other teachers!

Sharing and publishing.

SpicyNodes has many features, including a publishing platform similar to a blog. Therefore, your students can have a product they can share with the world — literally. Here are some ideas for showcasing their work:

  1. Display students’ nodemaps on your school’s web site.
  2. Have students vote on the most enticing nodemaps.
  3. Send each student’s nodemap link to his or her parents, so they can share their child’s work with the entire family.
  4. Allow your students to post their nodemaps on Facebook or their blogs.

When publishing, remember to adhere to your school’s Internet usage and privacy guidelines. For example, students shouldn’t include personal identifiers in nodemaps that are shared with the general public.

Feedback for the chefs.

If a technical problem or issue arises as you peruse, evaluate, and implement these lessons, please report it. Your input is essential as we continue to develop SpicyNodes and this web site. If you have other ideas and suggestions for our team, use our online contact form, or .

Share your tips and lessons.

If you adapt these lessons for use in your classroom, we’d love to hear from you. Please share your notes about the lessons, your experiences, or submit new lessons you’ve developed for inclusion in our ever-evolving Teacher’s Guide. You can be sure that other teachers will be inspired by your success.

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