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SpicyNodes in high school

High school students are ready to acquire all of the benefits of working with SpicyNodes. As they retain information by creating visual representations, they will also anticipate how readers might react and respond to the organization of the work - a concept that is often overlooked at this stage of education.

As high school students become more confident with their knowledge and abilities, they will savor the chance to present their work in the exciting and engaging form of a node map. These lessons will help your classroom become a collaborative effort. Students will help their peers understand the concepts and topics at hand.

Most of the tasks within this assignment do not require students to create a significant amount of original material. As a result, students will not only experiment with a variety of approaches to presenting nodes, but they will also gain a better understanding of the material they include in their nodes.

Recommended Lesson Plan L: Energy (Physics)
L: Negatives (Math)
L: Holocaust (History)
L: Writing & Poetry (English)

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