Site archive. SpicyNodes was active 2005-2018.

Create nodes for free for any use imaginable, while contributing to the exchange of meaningful information on the Web. The SpicyNodes logo will be displayed on your nodemap.

Seamlessly integrates with your site and has more visual styles. You can also hide the SpicyNodes logo.

Up to 25,000 views per month.
Extra views are $1 per thousand.

For sites that get more traffic. We also feature priority one-on-one support via the Web or email.

Up to 250,000 views per month.
Extra views are $0.25 per thousand.

Unlimited nodemaps
API & mashups
Load nodemaps from your URLs.
Javascript and SWF extensions.
No watermark & custom styles
Full branding control
and extensive style customizations.
Text options
Easy html and bbcode for
bold, italic, colors, links, etc.
Password protected nodemaps  
Collaboration options
Share with multiple authors.
Manage and monitor groups of users.
Priority support
Priority customer support and SLA.
Membership costs $0 $24/month

$1 per 1,000 views
over 25K

$0.25 per 1,000 views
over 250K

SpicyNodes individual memberships are free. Organization and enterprise memberships provide more authoring control and support.

With your SpicyNodes Enterprise membership, you support IDEA’s continuing research and development efforts to create innovative ways for people to interact with information online. You are also donating to the cause of breaking down barriers between people and technology.

SpicyNodes provides you with recipes and support to help you implement your own nodes. They’re easy to create, and we encourage you to try one yourself. If you have more complex needs, or need local hosting, we offer a complement of third-party experts who can assist you in creating content, developing content portals, and melding SpicyNodes into your web site. These master chefs ensure that your SpicyNodes are always flavorful and fresh.

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