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by Victoria Anderson

28 October 2008

Victoria Anderson is a certified elementary education teacher who specializes in Language Arts and Social Science education. Ms. Anderson has a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, and is currently working as a freelance education writer.

Activate: Intro

The concept of citizenship is closely tied to middle and high school social science classes. In addition, character education programs are experiencing a rebirth, with teachers incorporating values, civics, ethics, and morals lessons as they teach other disciplines. Therefore, examining activism, philanthropy, and citizenship flows naturally between the study of social science and character education. By visualizing unforeseen connections, SpicyNodes can enhance students’ understanding of their role in society, their responsibilities as citizens, and the potential for their actions to contribute to the greater good.


  • Discipline: Social Studies
  • Level: Upper Middle School
  • Objective: Understanding citizenship, activism, and philanthropy
  • Time needed: Five, one-hour periods (minimum)

on citizenship, relevance to standards and benchmarks, and vocabulary.

for upper middle school students, designed for five one-hour class periods.

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