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Deliciously inviting.

Whether a user is spending a leisurely evening at home browsing the web, or is frantically pounding the keyboard at work, trying to locate that one fact to complete her presentation, the bottom line is the same. Users visit web sites for information. In fact, according to a recent study that’s exactly what they want. SpicyNodes can help you give it to them.

By going beyond menu bars and local search engines, SpicyNodes is a new way to put information at your visitors’ fingertips.

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The bigger the site, the more it needs spice.

It’s a common story that as web sites grow, they get unwieldy. When information is disorganized, visitors get frustrated and leave without finding the information they seek, they don’t leave their contact information, and they don’t buy products.

SpicyNodes is a solution to the "lost in space" problem. It lets your visitors browse a series of short, enticing "nodes," allowing them to fly through information. Adding an engaging site map, directory, or content portal is a great way to improve visitor satisfaction — especially for visitors who don’t want to read a lot. See the Gallery for real examples »

In today’s marketplace, it’s crucial to boost consumer confidence. As the New York Times reported, corporations are retooling their logos so that they are softer and more accessible. SpicyNodes infuses corporate web sites with those same inclusive and reassuring qualities.

SpicyNodes is a good investment to keep your site growing. Community memberships are 100% free, and Enterprise memberships have clear, fair pricing. Go to the SpicyNodes Store »

Everyone's favorite site.

Everyone interacts with information in different ways. While traditional, narrative web pages and navigation tools are effective if you want to gain mastery of a topic, SpicyNodes helps expand your audience, attracting casual visitors, site browsers, and non-linear thinkers.

SpicyNodes is fun because it is visually engaging, intuitive, and gratifying to visitors. It’s natural and inviting. With deceptive simplicity, the organic structure of SpicyNodes shows just a few "nodes" at a time, while rapidly drilling down to the information visitors want.

Thinking small is huge.

The latest trend in communication is conveying information in small pieces. Increasingly, people send short text messages rather than write long emails. Micro blogging is on the rise. TIME Magazine has noted the trend, saying, "These days digital eloquence is defined by pithiness." SpicyNodes enables you to capitalize on the trend, while still displaying a lot of information.

SpicyNodes is helpful for users who want to sample morsels of information or who want to uncover a specific detail. It perfectly aligns with the 10-second rule: that a visitor’s first few seconds on a site determine whether or not that person will stay. With SpicyNodes, your information is succinct and enticing, by design.


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