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Your creativity called. It wants SpicyNodes.

Need a platform for your creative ideas? An experimental, malleable canvas where you can create something totally new? Give SpicyNodes a try. From new kinds of site maps and home pages, to concept maps and educational tools, to experimental poetry and art, SpicyNodes is an ideal starting point for your creative ideas.

Art that is all yours.

Since nodes can contain words, images, sounds, or other content, you can show your audience your art in totally new ways — displaying music, art or poetry, and even telling stories. The graphics, artwork, typefaces, and audio components of SpicyNodes are all customizable. Feel free to browse the Gallery and recipes to kickstart your imagination.

A feast for the ears.

SpicyNodes offers you the option of attaching sound effects to your nodemap. Users interacting with nodes can experience one sound when they point at a node, another when they enlarge a node, and yet another when they rearrange the layout of nodes. The stereo sounds pan left to right, enhancing the experience of being in virtual space.

With SpicyNodes’ different soundscapes, you can create sounds ranging from subtle effects that lend a quiet sophistication to your nodemap, to fun and lively arcade game sounds. You can even link nodes to your own mp3 files.

The advantages.

  • Creativity without limits. SpicyNodes’ versatility helps improve the appearance and functionality of web sites, while state-of-the-art technology helps bring your designs to life.
  • Look fresh. Be interactive. Improve your site’s visual appeal while drawing in new readers.
  • Unleash your creativity. SpicyNodes is easy to author, with no programming skills required, yet is a new form of artistic expression that reflects the technological age.
  • It’s free. Community memberships are 100% free.

Just imagine the possibilities. This is an exciting, innovative way to display your art or design. This is SpicyNodes.

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