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New publishing possibilities.

If you’re ready to take your site to the next level and improve its visual appeal, SpicyNodes can deliver. SpicyNodes brings Web 2.0 to life, enabling you to create maps of related articles, content portals, or site maps.

Connect all the dots.

Continually adding new content to an old-style site pushes content further down the page. New visitors don’t have easy access to older, relevant material, and regular users can have difficulty finding timeless classics. SpicyNodes lets readers quickly scan a topic, and easily find related articles.

Both micro and macro.

Using Twitter, texting, and blogs, today’s site visitors communicate in short bursts. TIME Magazine has documented the trend, noting the rise of "mini-lit" — six-word memoirs, five-word reviews, and even six-word prayers. SpicyNodes provides writers and publishers with tweet-like nodes containing a few words or sentences. Plus, you have the ability to add hyperlinks to send readers to existing, longer web pages.

Blogging with a twist.

Whether you’re expressing your opinion or your expertise, even the most sophisticated blogging tools are incomplete. A narrative blog may not capture your creative spirit, and vlogs can require more time than you or your readers have. SpicyNodes provides you with another option. They can easily be embedded into the blog you use today. Plus, we’ll provide you with easy access to great articles and recipes to get you started.

The advantages.

  • Appeal to all visitors. Reach those who like short bursts of information and those who prefer reading narrative text.
  • Unify content. Gather information from various issues or timeframes into a uniform site map or content portal.
  • Revitalize a depreciating asset. Pull content out of the black hole of obsolescence. With a SpicyNodes site map or content portal, it’s easy for visitors to find their way through hundreds or thousands of nodes.
  • Look fresh. Be interactive. Improve your site’s visual appeal while drawing in new readers.
  • Unleash your creativity. SpicyNodes is easy to author, with no programming skills required, yet it produces richly inviting visual maps.
  • It’s free. Community memberships are 100% free.

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