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Reach and teach your visitors.

The best web sites meet the needs of all visitors. SpicyNodes can educate and inform visual learners and linear thinkers at the same time.

Portals and site maps.

SpicyNodes is flexible. One way to organize information is with a content portal. Gather content from projects or grants and include "branches" in your portal so visitors can fly to the nodes of information that are relevant to them.

Another option is to augment key word search by building an interactive site map. This gives visitors a fun and clear way to navigate your resources.

Say goodbye to online sprawl.

As web sites for educational and public service organizations grow, they sometimes become increasingly difficult to navigate. SpicyNodes can help make information on your whole site easy to find — from your latest initiative to older archival gems.

The advantages.

  • Improve site effectiveness. Visitors can find information quickly. Your site captures their interest and gains their attention, encouraging them to stick around and learn more.
  • Revitalize a depreciating asset. Lost or buried content on your site is rediscovered. Visitors can easily find their way through hundreds or even thousands of nodes.
  • Reach visitors you are ignoring. A sizable chuck of Internet users are turned off by long web pages. They want something succinct, visual, and engaging. SpicyNodes grabs their attention, and is a great addition to your current site.
  • Look fresh. Be interactive. SpicyNodes can help you reinforce brand awareness and differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Do more with less. SpicyNodes is easy to author, with no programming skills required, yet it produces richly inviting information maps.

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