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Spice up your bottom line.

Ready to maximize your investment in your business’ web site? Start by making all of your information available with just a few mouse clicks. If you sell products or have a directory, SpicyNodes is a warm, accessible visualization tool. Visitors to your site can easily browse a richly illustrated hierarchical directory, clicking from node to node, to focus on product families or learn more about your offerings.

Big? Small? It's just right.

Got a big site? Often, as corporate web sites expand, they run out of room and content gets lost. With SpicyNodes, you can help visitors once again see your whole site while infusing an aura of inclusivity and accessibility to your corporate brand.

Got a small site? If your site seems a little thin, SpicyNodes’ clean, futuristic design will give life to your content, and reflect positively on your company’s image.

The advantages.

  • Improve sales and customer satisfaction. By using SpicyNodes, you give visitors an easy-to-use directory of products, services, or information. When they find what they need quickly, they’re pleased, they gain confidence in your business, and they stick around. That’s when they buy your projects or engage your services.
  • Become more accessible. Even if your site works well, you may still need to boost consumer confidence. SpicyNodes infuses your brand with a flavor of helpfulness, reassurance, and accessibility.
  • Revitalize a depreciating asset. Lost or buried content on your site is rediscovered. With a SpicyNodes site map or content portal, visitors can easily find their way through hundreds or even thousands of nodes.
  • Reach visitors you are ignoring. A sizable chuck of Internet users are turned off by long web pages. They want something succinct, visual, and engaging. SpicyNodes grabs their attention, and is a great addition to your current site.
  • Look fresh. Be interactive. SpicyNodes can help you reinforce brand awareness and differentiate you from your competitors.
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