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A tool for any sized town.

SpicyNodes can help you connect citizens, tourists, and businesses with every aspect of local government.

Civic improvement on a budget.

Put your information in the hands of the public in a way that’s unified, centralized, and easy to use. SpicyNodes effectively conveys information to citizens, businesses, and tourists so that they don’t have to call or email your offices. Since it’s easy to implement and update, SpicyNodes can stretch limited departmental and IT resources.

Your whole town in one place.

Government web sites typically reflect their organizational structure. Each department may have its own subset of pages of distinct yet related information and services. This means visitors have to find several different web pages in order to uncover all of the information they need. By putting an information portal on your main site, you unify relevant information across departments.

With SpicyNodes, your site can be organized according to visitors’ needs, and can use intuitive categories. For example, you can easily title a section “newcomers,” and provide information for those who have recently relocated to your city.

Visual, intuitive navigation.

As an information portal, SpicyNodes offers citizens, tourists, and businesses quick answers to hundreds of relevant questions. This can be seamlessly integrated into your existing web site, and can contain a combination of stand-alone information and links to web pages. In addition, SpicyNodes fully complies with accessibility laws and regulations, making it a practical and inclusive technology.

Anytown. Anywhere. Any questions?

We’ve designed a hypothetical information portal to give you a flavor of what you can expect. You can create a similar portal yourself, or we can recommend experts who can set one up for you. Check out the sample. » (Note: Coming in a few months.)

The advantages.

  • Easy for everyone. Citizens, tourists, and businesses can quickly and intuitively pinpoint the exact information they need. SpicyNodes complies with accessibility laws and regulations, making it a practical and inclusive technology.
  • Look fresh. Be interactive. SpicyNodes is easy to maintain, is fun and engaging for visitors, and can match your site’s look and feel.
  • A unified message. You can gather information from different sources, such as separate government divisions or departments, and present a unified message.
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