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Writing Lesson: Node Poem Writing Assignment

This assignment helps your students coordinate their material into a node poem. Once complete, your students only need to integrate this material into the SpicyNodes interface.

Level: Middle School


Scissors for each student
One typed list from the “Clothing Analogies”
Worksheet per student

Task List:

  1. Instruct your students to cut out the various sections of the sheet they typed up for homework.
  2. Direct your students to paste the parts into the corresponding openings in the worksheet.
  3. Once they have all the parts pasted into the worksheet, have them create a title for their worksheet. This title can be an analogy for the word, “clothing,” or a combination of the seasons for the included piece of clothing (e.g. Fall & Spring).
  4. After your students title the work, the poem will be ready to input into the SpicyNodes interface.

Rough Description of Worksheet Graphic:
At the center of the square: “Title”
Around the edges of the square: “Favorite Item 1,” “Favorite Item 2,” etc.
Extending from each “Favorite Item”:
  • One Line for “Origin”
  • Two Lines for “Covers”
  • One Line for “is like”
  • One Line for “is”
  • One More Line

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