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Pre-writing Lesson: Newspaper  Cutouts 1

Level: College

This activity does more than give your students another opportunity to glean material for their own node poems. With the inclusion of the worksheet, you’ll help them understand how they might be able to play with the basic structure of their own node poems.

Required Time

20-45 Minutes


Paper, scissors, standard writing utensils, paste, and one newspaper page per student

Writing Task List

  1. Distribute any necessary materials.
  2. Instruct students to create a five-line poem by cutting out words or phrases from the newspaper. Students should loosely arrange the poem on their desks. For the sake of this exercise, give them the following rules:

a. Every line should be greater than four syllables long but less than eight syllables long.
b. At least two of the lines must be enjambed.
  1. After students have the five-line poems arranged on their desks, distribute “Worksheet: Newspaper Cutouts.”
  2. Instruct students to paste the five lines into the appropriate sections of the worksheet.
  3. After the five lines are pasted onto the sheet, tell the students to return to their newspapers and create lines that fit into the alternative sections of the worksheet.


Worksheet: Newspaper  Cutouts

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