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The following is a general rubric that you can adapt for your lesson or share with your students. Depending on the nature of your course, you might adjust the balance of textual content, multimedia, or creativity. This rubric is based on 18 points.

Rubric for Nodemaps

  1. Arrangement of concepts
    • a) main concept easily identified; all sub-concepts branch appropriately (3)
    • b) main concept easily identified; most sub-concepts branch appropriately (2)
    • c) main concept easily identified; few sub-concepts branch appropriately (1)
    • d) main concept easily identified; no sub-concepts branch appropriately (0)
  1. Links to web pages, or other nodes
    • a) four or more links effectively used (3)
    • b) three links effectively used (2)
    • c) one or two links effectively used (1)
    • d) no links effectively used (0)
  1. Content of nodes
    • a) reflects essential information; concepts succinctly presented; no misspellings or grammatical errors (3)
    • b) reflects most of the essential information; concepts presented without too many excess words; less than 3 misspellings or grammatical errors (2)
    • c) contains extraneous information; numerous spelling and grammatical errors (1)
    • d) contains incorrect information; many spelling and grammatical errors (0)
  1. Design of nodemap
    • a) clean design; high visual appeal; color used for emphasis (3)
    • b) fairly clean design; good visual appeal; color used effectively (2)
    • c) cluttered design; low visual appeal; lack of color (1)
    • d) haphazard design; no visual appeal; no color (0)
  1. Creativity
    • a) very original; many unique examples (3)
    • b) somewhat original; two or three unique examples (2)
    • c) not original; one unique example (1)
    • d) not original; no unique examples (0)
  1. Communication
    • a) language appropriate for age group; speaks to peers (3)
    • b) language somewhat appropriate for age group; speaks to peers (2)
    • c) language strictly textbook; does not speak to peers (1)
    • d) language not appropriate for age group; does not speak to peers (0)


If you would prefer a word grade instead of a numerical fraction out of 18:

  • 18 to 16 = Exemplary
  • 15 to 12 = Proficient
  • 11 to 6 = Needs Improvement
  • less than 6 = Deficient

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