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Security & privacy

We have many options to keep the information in your nodes safe, secure and private.

When you edit your nodemaps and your account, our state-of-the-art computer servers are protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. Our product software and infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Our network is protected by an enterprise-class firewall. We send your saved files to Amazon CloudFront, which is fast and reliable to locations worldwide.

When your users access your published nodemaps, they will be directly accessing Amazon CloudFront.

Free community memberships

If you have a free, community account, your data is safely stored on our secure web server, and at Amazon CloudFront. For each of your nodemaps, you have three choices available from the "Edit details" mode...

  • Not published - You can view and edit your nodemap when logged in, but it is not publicly visible.
  • Published and available to all - Your nodemap is publicly available via a URL like this: or via HTML code which we give you to embed into your web site or blog.
  • In gallery? - If your nodemaps are public, you have the option of whether to include them in the SpicyNodes gallery. — Unlick "In gallery" if you don’t want anyone to find your nodemap.

Benefits of paid Organization and Enterprise memberships

If you need more control over who can see your nodes, paid memberships offer...

  • Password control - All paid memberships include the option of password control. You can define a password for any nodemap, which your viewers must entered in order to see your nodes.
  • Host your nodemap XML locally - For a higher level of data security, Enterprise memberships allow you to store data locally, and access it via the API. You can use any authentication and access control you want — For example, an investment company could display custom nodemaps with financial information for each client – You can have as many nodemaps as you wish on your server. The interactive viewer is loaded from the SpicyNodes site. Your private data is never transmitted to our servers.

Intranets & offline

Need intranet-only access? If you need to load SpicyNodes from a secure intranet or government system, or from an offline source (e.g., a CD or thumb drive), please contact us to discuss pricing for your situation.

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