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Project Description:

Harmonious explorations.

TuneGlue is an online interactive relationship explorer. In terms of visualization, it is a force-directed graph. TuneGlue delves into the database and explores relationships among musical artists. It also fetches data from, so that a user can proceed and buy select items. After a user types in his or her query, the hit is displayed as a node. Clicking it brings up a set of options, among which "Releases" shows an artist’s albums and "Expand" displays other nodes for related artists. TuneGlue’s exploratory features are admirable, and the parallels between the decisions made by TuneGlue’s development team and SpicyNodes’ development team are extraordinary. As a result, the two are quite similar in appearance, although SpicyNodes is far more customizable and a better fit for Web integration thanks to its API. Browsing music, movies, and other entertainment is an ideal use for nodes; in fact, any large dataset is the perfect foundation for applications like TuneGlue and SpicyNodes.

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