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For users

If you are a user, SpicyNodes helps you to:

  • Navigate large amounts of complex information in a structured and yet intuitive fashion.
  • Rapidly achieve a perfunctory grasp of a new topic or subject area without having to read through pages of text.
  • Gain insight into familiar topics by looking at them in new ways at multiple levels of a hierarchy or a network.
  • Find needed information much faster than search engines by following a navigational path through meaningful node interconnections.
  • Find the information you need even if you’re not sure what you are looking for, by discovering the connections between different pieces of data.
  • Choose what you want know about a subject without having to read through what you already know.
  • Browse information, morsel by morsel, and intuitively learn more about a topic.
  • Explore information in a spatial, pictorial, and non-linear ways.
  • Focus on a data segment without losing the context of its relationships.
  • View data at the desired level of detail with a continuous path available from a "bird’s eye view" to an "ant’s eye view."
  • Drill down through a hierarchy or traverse a network of relationships by using the links provided in the nodemap. You eliminate the need to constantly refer to a list of contents.
  • View related text and images stored in other locations on the Web.
  • Interact with nodemaps in a natural animated environment that is smooth and intuitive.
  • Interact with nodemaps using familiar click-and-drag methods.

For designers

If you are a designer, SpicyNodes allows you to:

  • Be extremely flexible in your style, creating an innovative design or a design that is tightly integrated with your current style.
  • Make different aspects of data and the relationships among the data units visually intelligible by mixing, matching, and customizing a wide array of design and styling features.
  • Provide non-linear, spatially-oriented users who won’t read lengthy text with an alternative way to navigate information and be drawn into a site.
  • Augment a web site that has long narratives by providing an "information map" overview of the site’s content.
  • Tempt users to spend time browsing the site by providing them with morsels of information.
  • Discover and identify new relationships between different components of your design.
  • Personalize the appearance of your nodes at the desired level of detail. You can either create every element in your own style or simply choose your settings on two continuums: clean to complex and synthetic to organic.
  • Personalize the appearance of your nodes at your level of programming expertise, either through a intuitive Web interface or by manipulating configuration files.
  • Expand the semantics of your nodes by connecting them to content available at other locations on the Internet.

For developers

If you are a developer, SpicyNodes provides you with:

  • Detailed instructions, examples, APIs, and configuration tools that ease development.
  • The ability to create nodemaps at your desired level of complexity, from the simplest applications deployable within days to extensively customized and personalized products.
  • The ability to display dynamic data in your nodemaps without the need for updates.
  • The capability to programmatically interface with other objects on your web site.
  • The opportunity to leverage the power and simplicity of XML and HTTP.
  • The flexibility to interface with virtually any kind of application server environment, owing to the fact that SpicyNodes uses industry standard technology.

For software vendors

If you are a software vendor, SpicyNodes fosters:

  • The opportunity to create new, innovative products with ease and rapidity.
  • The opportunity to add value to and showcase existing products.
  • Improved customer communication through accessible visual presentation of complex product information.
  • Improved data mining and better utilization of existing information resources.
  • Increased efficiency and drastically shortened time lag between conceiving products and bringing them to market.
  • A broadened market segment, resulting from the ability to map a wide variety of industrial and educational data and to interface with a large array of standard technologies.

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