A team as dynamic as the technology they develop.

At the heart of SpicyNodes is a team of creative programmers, artists, and researchers committed to making SpicyNodes a friendly yet powerful tool for finding information. Click a face for details...

While SpicyNodes’ core team has brought the vision of SpicyNodes to fruition, along the way we have drawn on the talents of many other people. Our collaborators share a commitment to supporting and creating innovative technologies that excite the senses and expand the potential of design, art, and education.

Some of our collaborators saw the great promise of core ideas during SpicyNodes’ infancy, while others sought to dissolve the boundaries between technology and the arts. Whether working on initial designs, experimental concepts, soundscapes, or interactivity, writing a new form of poetry, or developing curriculum to help students delve into and express new concepts, their contributions have been invaluable. To prepare an exquisite banquet, everyone in the kitchen needs to pitch in. Our core team and collaborators have done just that.

Miguel Ángel Albadán
Bogotá, Colombia
Experimented with sea anemone-like oscillating arms emerging from central node, and various color schemes.
Tarek Atrissi
Hilversum, The Netherlands
Experimented with arcade game and subway motifs, and rotating nodes when changing focus.
Patricia Carvalho
Setubal, Portugal
Experimented with orthographic perspective cube nodes, and thick-line coonectors like stylized subway lines.
Michael Felix
Auburn, AL, USA
Intergrated SpicyNodes into his master’s thesis, and also wrote an article about Trellis and blogging for ideas. Experimented with design ideas such as a clock encircling nodes, and user adjust dial to adjust 3rd dimension.
Christophe Herbinet
Toulouse, France
Experimented with styles that have stars (with orbiting satellites) and leaves on branches.
Dusan Jelesijevic
Gornji Milanovac, Serbia and Montenegro
Experimented with styles that use folders, bezier connectors, as well as whimsical node illustrations, and handwritten scribbles.
Jonas Kühner
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Experimented with stylized peacock and circuit board motifs, and diagonally angled labels.
José López
Montevideo, Uruguay
Explored kiosk styles with large buttons, and tabbed controls on edges of node.
Emanuel Mankert
Goteborg, Sweden
Developed clean, minimalist styles with boxes, and experimented with borderless shapes that use shadows to reduce apparent complexity and clutter.
Fabio Ernesto Mojica
Bogotá, Colombia
Experimented with animated dashed connectors, and internal 3D controls on node.
Mikolaj Sadowski
Warsaw, Poland
Experimented with floating spheres, and activation effects of levitation and throbbing.
Tristam Sparks
London, UK
Experimented with stylized interlocking gears and snowflake motifs.
Steph Tekano
Vancouver, Canada
Experimented with floating disks, and low resolution internal graphics.
Sait Yilmaz
Arlington, VA, USA
Experimented with connectors which snap to vertexes, and mini icons on vertexes to represent children.

Artists, musicians & poets
Tina Gagliardi, CanadaDuring the R&D phase, provided feedback on use for creating experimental visual poetry, and wrote experimental poem, "As Dawn Rises"
Tito Huapaya, Lima, PerúCreated several interaction sound sets, including ambient, drum, subtle, new age and natural sound sets.
Marci Johnson, Three Oaks, MI, USADuring the R&D phase, provided feedback on use for creating experimental visual poetry and wrote experimental poem, "Choose"
Henrique Nicolau, Sao PauloCreated several interaction sound sets, including ambient, natural and arcade sound sets
Joe Romano, California, USACreated a node poem, Postponed, and helped plan the teacher’s guides.
Scott Siders, Long Beach, CA, USADuring the R&D phase, provided feedback and wrote experimental poem, "The Inside of Out"
Brian Tibke, Mesa, AZ, USAComic illustrator, created the team member illustrations used on the top of this page.
Bob YehlingDuring the R&D phase, provided feedback and wrote experimental poem, "Himalayan Cloud-Drops", and other haiku poems. Also worked on nodemap for "Poetry through the Ages" webexhibit.

Padma AkkarajuAn educator, researcher and consultant in physical science and math education.
Dee Dee Thompson, Beaufort, South Carolina, USAA middle school science teacher. She currently teaches for Beaufort County Schools.
Sarah Moore, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaStudying to be a secondary math and science teacher at Mount St. Vincent University.
Victoria AndersonA certified elementary education teacher who specializes in Language Arts and Social Science education. Ms. Anderson has a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, and is currently working as a freelance education writer.
Joy Houchen, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USAA middle school integrated language arts teacher who has attended numerous national and regional conferences about teaching the Holocaust to middle and high school students. She currently teaches eighth grade.

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