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The SpicyNodes Partner Program recognizes your expertise, delivers a full complement of tools and resources to grow your business, and rewards you for being on technology’s leading edge.

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Spice up your clients’ web sites with SpicyNodes’ unique navigation system. Incorporating SpicyNodes into your designs will help make your clients’ sites captivating, innovative, and extremely useful. Adding SpicyNodes to existing sites or integrating it into a new design is straightforward. SpicyNodes can help add value to and enhance your services.


SpicyNodes is ripe for incorporation into your applications. With a rich and open XML-based API, SpicyNodes helps differentiate an application from its competitors. More importantly, it may make the otherwise impossible possible, by allowing complex data visualizations. Please consult our Developer’s Guide for more information.

IT integrators

Use your existing sales network to implement SpicyNodes on your clients’ sites, or use it as an add-on to your current Web development products. SpicyNodes is partnering with both CMS vendors and developers to ensure seamless integration. For vendors, SpicyNodes’ XML-based API makes it easy to adapt into your CMS product. As a developer, you can help us make interfaces or converters for CMS, particularly those that are XML-based.


If you write web copy, you can expand your horizons and those of your clients by crafting nodemaps for SpicyNodes implementations. While SpicyNodes is not designed for long narrative text or for linear information, it can augment a web site by providing an alternative overview of informational nuggets. By presenting data in a holistic, interconnected fashion, it appeals to visitors with a wide range of learning styles, including visual learners and non-linear thinkers. The ability to write in bite-sized morsels is an art that can set you apart from others in your field, while providing your clients with the means for ensuring that visitors spend more time on their sites. Are you ready to think nodefully?

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