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Becoming a certified partner.

Our certified partner network is designed to enable you to master one or more of the following disciplines: writing nodemaps, designing nodemaps, deploying nodemaps, or incorporating nodemaps into other applications. As a certified partner, you’ll be recognized for your expertise in the technology marketplace and can leverage your certification to expand your skill set, increase your opportunities, and provide your enterprise customers with cutting edge technology.

After participating in SpicyNodes’ certification training program and building SpicyNodes implementations, you’ll be tested in one or more of our four focus areas. Once that is completed and you have a demonstration available for your SpicyNodes offerings, you will be designated as a certified partner.

Application form.

We’re happy to consider your application to become a certified partner. To get started, please complete the information below.

Company Contact and Address

1. Business name:
2. URL:
3. First name:
4. Last name:
5. Job title:
6. Contact Info:
7. Email:
8. Phone:
9. Date business established:
10. Description of your company:
11. Number of employees:
12. Brief company history (including name changes and dates):
13. What industries and markets does your company target:
14. With what other companies are you partnered:
15. How many personnel on your team have experience with SpicyNodes?
16. How does your product/service integrate or complement SpicyNodes?
17. Are you interested in becoming a:
Content Partner
Implementation Partner
18. For developers:In what programming language does your company typically work?
19. For writers: What is your primary style of writing (e.g. copywriting, creative writing, technical writing)?
20. Additional comments:
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