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It can be challenging to engage students in the learning process. With its rich interactivity and inviting interface, SpicyNodes equips students of all ages to create an online exploratory journey through virtually any area of study. By visualizing their knowledge, students will discover areas ripe for further research, and see both the big picture and the details. And, as their nodemaps come to life with text, images, links, and multimedia, students can attain a mastery of subject matter that they can share with their peers and their families. Best of all, SpicyNodes is designed to reach students with a variety of learning styles, and works especially well with non-linear thinkers.

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SpicyNodes is an intuitive, Web-based mind platform that’s easy, interactive, fun - and free. With group accounts, students can log into their individual nodemaps and you can easily track and assess students’ work.

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In the same spirit as Venn diagrams, outlines, and concept maps, SpicyNodes is an easy way for students to grasp nonlinear topics.

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Whether you teach elementary, secondary, college, or distance classes, SpicyNodes enables you to ignite students’ curiosity, passion, and creativity.

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