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SpicyNodes referral affiliate signup

Sign up as an affiliate and monetize your web site or blog by earning for each membership referral. You’ll be paid for each referral once your referral has been a member for one month. We’ll send you a payment by the end of the following month. Membership applications are reviewed by our staff for acceptance, and you will typically receive an email from us within 2 days from when you apply.

You’ll need to start by having a SpicyNodes account, and then once logged in, please please fill out the form below.

If you are already an affiliate, go to your affiliate stats (coming Fall 2009).

1. Email:
2. Company name:
3. Company website:

Payment Info

4. How do you want to be paid? (You can change this later by emailing us)
Paypal payment
Amazon gift card
5. Payment Email:

Note that if you earn over 600 dollars and are based in the U.S., we will ask for your Federal Tax ID, and address.

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