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SpicyNodes will work on mobile devices, starting with iOS

November 9th, 2011      

Yesterday, Adobe announced that they are stopping development of Flash Player for browsers on mobile devices.

The good news for the SpicyNodes community is that our team has been working on a mobile version of SpicyNodes since early 2010! As a proof of concept, we created the popularĀ WikiNodes app for the iPad, which browses Wikipedia using SpicyNodes.

The tablet is an awesome platform for nodes. It is very intuitive to touch and move nodes with your fingertips. The Apple iPad is the most common tablet (over 25 million shipped as of summer 2011).

Your nodemaps will continue to work on desktop and laptop computers, but looking forward, our focus will be handheld devices. Plus, on the iPad, we are able to offer new, slick visual styles, and you will be able to put more complex html content in your nodes. Stay tuned!

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  1. WoodShop says:

    This really is the best interactive mind-map, with the only drawback being that it is restricted to an html format (no stand alone solution), and that it won’t work on IOS devices. Can I ask where you are at in getting away from flash player?

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