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SpicyNodes for commerce

February 20th, 2011      

SpicyNodes is a great way to browse all kinds of things, including online marketplaces. The following is a prototype from our labs of how SpicyNodes could be used on an iPad to browse an online auction service.

We make prototypes to test different kinds of user interfaces, and experiment with how they might be useful. Like the product browser? We’re working on a version of SpicyNodes for the iPad which developers can use to add this kind of functionality to handheld apps. Stay tuned.

2 Responses

  1. babuk says:

    and what about android? it would be great to have it on my HTC DESIRE or my little android tablet connected via BT to a data projector and to give my speech directly from my little engines just by my little fingers :-)

    you´re great, I´m in love, spicy nodes help me so much with my PhD thesis.

  2. spicy says:

    Good idea. We’re starting with iOS, and will move on to other platforms later.

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