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Sneak peek: SpicyNodes Touch (Jan 2011)

January 22nd, 2011      

Nodes want to be touched. We continue working to bring you “SpicyNodes Touch” running on the Apple iPad. Your same nodemaps that work on the web will work on a tablet. Here’s a preview:

Information displayed in the centered node is full HTML5 — meaning it can be any web content. It takes around 5 seconds for web content to load within the node. No need to menus and navigation, just link a bunch of nodes together.

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  1. Sojo says:

    Thank you guys at SpicyNodes. Your mindmap product helped us to create an attractive list of our services. http://blog.teacherfoundation.org/2011/02/what-do-we-have-on-offer-in-2011-12.html

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