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December 11th, 2010      

The Center for Academic Technology, at the University of the District of Columbia, writes about tools that enable pedagogical innovation to improve the educational experience of students, and  recently wrote about SpicyNodes:

SpicyNodes is a neat visual communication tool which represents information in nodes… kinda like how the human brain stores the info… The web can certainly put you on information overload, and if anything, SpicyNodes keeps you within Miller’s Magic #7 rule… SpicyNodes helps chunk content not only for yourself, but students as well.
Jamae Ann Sabangan (above) is an undergraduate senior at the University of Guam with a double major in English and Secondary Education. In her blog, Applications of Technology, she recently wrote about 8 tech tools, giving SpicyNodes a “4/5″ rating, noting:
SpicyNodes is an alternative presentation tool for Microsoft’s PowerPoint presentation program. This tool is especially applicable to text-oriented presentations with very few images. ..  this tool is helpful in making connections between points and ideas.
Maggie Hos-McGrane is an IT teacher in Switzerland. She’s been teaching for 29 years, 23 of them in international schools.She recently wrote about digital storytelling, and noted the value of SpicyNodes for student presentations, noting that, “Some teachers have chosen Prezi, some have chosen SpicyNodes and one is going to let her students decide which tool they want to use.”
I really like the way the text scrolls within a balloon- that allows for longer summaries and explanations to be added. Adding the pictures was great too! There are quite a few styles to choose from so you’ll have to explore to see them all.
Thanks to UDC, Jamae, Maggie and Jim for sharing your thoughts about SpicyNodes!

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