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Journalism in the Age of Data (video)

September 28th, 2010      

Our eyes have the highest bandwidth connections to our mind of any of our senses. In our increasingly complex world, information visualization — charts, graphs, geographical maps and node maps — is efficient and neccesary to convey information and keep us informed.

A documentary from Geoff McGhee, titled “Documenting emerging uses of data visualization” (54 minutes, in convenient chapters) includes interviews with several talented and well-known data visualization practitioners. The covered topics include contemporary issues like Visualization in Journalism, Telling “Data Stories”, Exploring Data or Technology and Tools.

SpicyNodes is one of many new tools that democratize information — making easy for you or anyone to show information visually. SpicyNodes is specifically geared towards showing how different concepts or items (nodes) are related to other items. With SpicyNodes, you can see detailed information, images, or video about a node, and also see the context of what’s related.

The video documentary includes other visualizations, emphasizing use in journalism. Expect to see interviews with or about (in alphabetical order) BBC NewsNicholas FeltonBen Fry,GoogleJeff HeerNigel HolmesJonathan JarvisAaron KoblinMSNBCThe New York Times Graphics Division (e.g. Stephen Duenes and “Queen of Infovis” Amanda Cox), The Wall Street JournalEric Rodenbeck (Stamen Design), Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg, and others.

Go to video at datajournalism.stanford.edu

Via Infosthetics.

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