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Tony Buzan: Mind Mapping Evangelist

September 16th, 2010      

Tony Buzan posing in front of a mindmapWhen it comes to drawing out creative and associative thought, Tony Buzan is head and shoulders above the rest. He’s the putative inventor of the modern mind map, having created this alternative to linear note taking in the 1960s. Since that time, Buzan has been a leading advocate of mental literacy and the use of mind mapping to tap into the brain’s power, calling mind mapping “the Swiss Army knife of the brain.” Buzan has been involved in a number of mind-expanding endeavors, including founding the World Memory Championships and the World Speed Reading Championships, and co-founding the Mind Sports Olympiad. He’s also authored dozens of books on mind maps, memory, and brainpower.

Buzan wanted to move mind mapping beyond paper and pen, and so partnered with Chris Griffiths, whose team developed iMindMap, software that’s used for note taking, generating creative thought, and presentations. Launched in 2007, iMindMap also offers iMindMap Mobile Pro for the iPhone and iMindMap Mobile HD for the iPad.

Like iMindMap, SpicyNodes can easily be used as a mind mapping tool, helping you to organically map your thoughts and see the relationships between those thoughts. In fact, in the video below, Tony Buzan does a superb job of explaining why mind maps mimic the way the brain works:

But while SpicyNodes shares many of iMindMap’s features, it goes several steps further. Building on the ideas that Buzan promotes, SpicyNodes allows you to create interactive concept maps. Your users can move from node to node, with a single node in central focus at a time. This enables you to have hundreds of nodes that include text, images, and video – without ever overwhelming your users.

In addition, our web-based interface means that there’s no software to download, and our free community memberships make SpicyNodes accessible to everyone. Moreover, embedding your nodemap in a blog, making changes to it on the fly, and switching out styles and colors are a breeze. SpicyNodes enables you to create beautiful mind maps, but it also gives you the toolbox you need to build sitemaps, information portals, online museum exhibits, and so much more.

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