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Tube map: 500 Years of Science, Reason & Critical Thinking

September 2nd, 2010      

Map of science, in the style of a tube map, by Crispian Jago. August 2010.

Seeking to convey 500 years of science, Crispian Jago got inspired to follow the style of the iconic London Tube Map.

The map primarily includes modern scientists who have made significant advances to our understanding of the world, however I have also included many present day scientists who fuel a passion for, and advances in, science through communication and science popularisation.

Check out Crispian’s full map in his blog. And more after the jump…

You could make a tube map for your information too — or if you really want to be clear, use SpicyNodes. With SpicyNodes, you can show linked nodes, and give your viewers  an easy way to glide from node to node, getting details and overview at the same time.

See also the interesting world of symbolic subway maps, like these reimagined by Korean design studio Zero Per Zero. They infuse “…them with symbolic meaning. Conceived as a new way of projecting an identity of a city onto its transport map, City Railway Systemsretains its functional use while capturing the character of a city.”

See a post at mymodernmet.com by Alice for more.

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