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SpicyNodes Gets a Nod from Instructional Design Fusions

August 18th, 2010      
Thanks to Dianne Rees over at ATOMIC MEME for her shout out to SpicyNodes on the Instructional Design Fusions blog. She walked her readers through the simple steps of creating a course outline using SpicyNodes, and noted that SpicyNodes works well as an instructional design tool. She said, in part:
“In addition to creating a basic course outline, you can also use it to outline the actual design elements of a course, collecting ideas, fonts, images, and videos, using it to create a radial storyboard….You can get your learners hooked on using mindmaps with SpicyNodes. There’s essentially no learning curve required and it’s a great way to encourage learners to brainstorm and organize their thoughts and resources at the same time….Because of the radial nature of SpicyNodes, it’s also an interesting storytelling tool. For example, you can use it to create flash fiction, using each node to tell a story from a different point of view.”
She’s absolutely on target. SpicyNodes has virtually limitless potential in educational settings, both for teachers and for students.  If you’d like to see Dianne’s nodemap, click here.

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