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Tutorial: Mashup with Google Maps

August 9th, 2010      

SpicyNodes soars to new heights when combined with other web services. These web services could be features of your own site, or another site, and the resulting “mashup”  is more than the sum of its parts. Check out a demonstration mashup of SpicyNodes with Google Maps. It shows you how SpicyNodes can control another system, and vice versa.

How can you use SpicyNodes on your site to make something fresh?

SpicyNodes is easy to author as a stand-alone nodemap, but if you want to make a mashup, some programming is required. It’s easy for an experienced developer. To get started with mashups and the SpicyNodes API, we have a new tutorial for developers. For some ideas of other systems that have open APIs that you can tap into, see  Programmable Web’s directory of popular open APIs.

The SpicyNodes API is freely available to any member, and if you have a premium membership, the watermark is removed so you can seamlessly integrate SpicyNodes with your site.

See the tutorial, or the demo. If you make a mashup, leave a comment below or send us a note!

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