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MindMeister for the iPad

August 4th, 2010      

Hot on the heels of iTHoughtsHD, the folks at MindMeister have just released an iPad version. MindMeister is a collaborative mind mapping tool for creating mindmaps. The MindMeister mind maps spread out from a home node, and users (and authors) can expand and collapse sections of the mindmap. Like SpicyNodes, MindMeister users can share their maps publicly or collaboratively edit. The key difference is that with SpicyNodes, you can put a lot of content (including images and videos) in your nodes, and while navigating your nodes, users click from node to node, with the layout continually changing as your focus moves from node to node.

We’re working on an iPad version of SpicyNodes, and look forward to sharing news about that in the future. SpicyNodes is awesome on an multitouch display.

See also a TUAW blog post on MindMeister, and an older TUAW post from 2008 about other mindmapping tools for the iPhone:

We’ve mentioned MindMeister before, and they were part of our suggestions for mind mapping on the iPhone, but ever since the dawn of the iPad, I’ve been waiting for it to come to the big screen!

MindMeister on the iPad may not be the most complete mind mapping application available for the iPad, at least as far as bells and whistles. It does its job well, though, and the synchronization with the web version is a huge selling point, at least for me.


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