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The Crossroads of Mind Maps and Art

June 28th, 2010      

Most people have, at one time or another, taken pen to paper and started doodling, expressing thoughts in pictures, words, or a combination of both. Seeing images and words on paper can help you make connections, refine ideas, and understand how various factors affect the subject at hand. The folks at Mind Map Art take this process to a whole new level. Paul Foreman, using a hand drawn style, and Adam Sicinski, using a graphically generated style, offer a mind mapping creation service that transforms your concept map into art.

Whether yours is a journey to trust your gut feelings or to discover the influence of your thoughts on your life, Paul and Adam can help translate your thoughts into a powerful visual representation. Their creative endeavors also contribute to business presentations, lectures, books, and web sites.

SpicyNodes can achieve similar results, but puts the power of creation into your hands. You can create customized nodemaps, embed images and video in nodes, and can have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of nodes. You or your audience can click from node to node, undertaking an exploratory journey through the crossroads of your mindmap.

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