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WordPress 3: Customized Taxonomies Have Arrived

June 23rd, 2010      

If you use WordPress, you likely use the tag function to categorize your posts. While tagging is helpful, your visitors can still have a difficult time finding the information they need. Now, WordPress 3 offers the ability to create customized taxonomies that can more closely align with elements that remain the same from post to post. In other words, the information across posts can be categorized in a way that’s similar to fields in a form. WordCast offers a wealth of information on this new feature, along with links and video embeds that will walk you through Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies. 1st Web Designer has a useful tutorial, and Amber Weinberg offers insights on how to add multiple taxonomies to your posts, displaying tag clouds in your sidebar, and so forth.

We applaud WordPress for providing a new way for people to browse for information, and we think that SpicyNodes would be a cool way to browse WordPress sites with rich taxonomies. To that end, we’re considering developing a new WordPress plugin that will visually represent your taxonomies and tags, and that will give your visitors yet another way to find information.

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