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iThoughtsHD for the iPad

May 24th, 2010      

Kudos to the developers of iThoughtsHD for the iPad, which brings mind mapping capabilities to the iPad. iThoughtsHD builds upon the company’s iThoughts for iPhone, and is among the most popular iPad apps currently available. The need for concept mapping is very real (especially for those who think in a nonlinear way or who think in pictures rather than words), and the iPad is a natural platform for mind mapping. The ability to swipe, pinch, and manipulate a map with your fingers has the potential to make navigation more intuitive and to provide a truly immersive experience.

The folks at iThoughtsHD have incorporated some great features into their mind map, including being able to import/export from desktop applications like Freemind, OPML, MindManager, and XMind. (You can also export a PDF of your mind map or send as an email attachment.) Susan Pigott over at Macgasm suggests that iThoughts’ functionality across platforms is among the app’s best features. She notes, however, that the iThoughts’ touch controls can be finicky, that some functions aren’t intuitive, and that the app “doesn’t support inserting images, graphics, and hyperlinks, and it doesn’t offer an outline view.”

When we were developing SpicyNodes, we felt strongly that the ability to insert images, graphics, and hyperlinks into a nodemap was a crucial in making SpicyNodes perform as more than a simple mind map. These insertion capabilities enable SpicyNodes to be utilized as an information portal, as a sitemap, as a blog, as a museum exhibit, and so much more.

The other primary difference between SpicyNodes and iThoughtsHD is in the way nuggets of information are displayed. With SpicyNodes, as the visitor navigates through nodes, the nodemap rearranges, while always letting the user know where they’ve been and where they can go. iThoughtsHD is a predominantly fixed layout, although you can expand and collapse the mind map’s hierarchies.

The iPad version of SpicyNodes will include the ability to insert images, graphics, and hyperlinks, as well as the intuitive functionality, engaging navigation, and zesty palettes you’ve come to expect. We’re diligently working on bringing SpicyNodes to the iPad, and will keep you posted on our progress.


6 Responses

  1. Patty says:

    When will this be available for the iPad

    • spicy says:

      iThoughtsHD is not made by us, and it is launched. I assume you are asking about SpicyNodes Touch…

      We don’t have a specific date, but we have early development versions in the works. Maybe we’ll post some video demos as development progresses. Thanks for your interest! SpicyNodes is very cool with multitouch!

  2. Brent says:

    I am also very interested in this. I now use iThoughts and would love to integrate this into the sites I am designing for my clients.
    BUT, things need to be HTML5 compatible if possible. You HAVE TO HIT THE Apple and mobile folks! Thanks for the coolness..
    If it only worked on the mobile devices…

    We need to make a “Stack” for Rapidweaver.

  3. spicy says:

    Brent, Thanks. We are working on a native iOS app, so you can view your nodes on the iPad. SpicyNodes will never have an HTML5 version, the type of interactivity we require is not possible.

  4. Joe says:

    Any chance for Spicynodes to go on the iPod touch?

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