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Stuff We Like: Climate Change Mind Maps

May 21st, 2010      

A cool, handdrawn visualization of 'Combating Global Warming Mind Map' from LearningFundamentals

Randall Hand over at VizWorld recently posted about LearningFundamentals’ mind maps on climate change. Global warming and the environment are critical issues that impact the well-being of people across the globe, yet people often think about climate change in an abstract way. LearningFundamentals has done an excellent job in visualizing the ways that students and adults can change their behavior, can connect with nature, and can learn about the science of global warming.

While these hand-made concept maps aren’t the same as SpicyNodes, they do share our mission of conveying concepts in a visual way (and our passion for the environment). If you’ve created a climate change mind map or information visualization using SpicyNodes, drop us a note! We’d love to see it and showcase it here and in our Gallery.

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