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SpicyNodes Memberships: Free vs. Paid

May 10th, 2010      

If you have a free community membership to SpicyNodes, you understand what a powerful visualization tool our radial mapping engine can produce. (If you haven’t yet joined the community, you’re missing out! It only takes a minute, so click here to join now.) We’re committed to maintaining a vibrant, free membership so that everyone can have access to SpicyNodes. As a project of IDEA, SpicyNodes is a public service that we hope encourages and supports online communication and educational efforts. The bottom line? We want to make the Web more accessible and interactive, and we think that SpicyNodes is a wonderful tool to help achieve that goal.

There are times, though, when an organization, institution, or business wants to kick the flavor up a notch. SpicyNodes paid memberships are perfect for those who need access to more visual styles, to incorporate password protection, to host files from your own servers or intranet, or to create groups to track work. If you’d like to explore the possibilities for more authoring control, additional support, and customized styles, you should check out our side-by-side comparison of free individual and paid memberships. We guarantee something for every appetite!

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