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Sneak Peek: SpicyNodes on the iPad

April 15th, 2010      

If you thought SpicyNodes made browsing information on the Web more inviting, wait until you see what we have cooking in our R&D lab. Nodes are fun to manipulate using a mouse, but they really come to life when you touch them with your fingertips! SpicyNodes Touch will be perfect for creating mind maps on the fly or for giving your site visitors an intuitive navigation tool that takes advantage of the tilting, tapping, and turning functionality of the iPad. Keep checking back for the first app release!

2 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    That’s something I can really see having a “wow” factor. I don’t have an Ipad yet, but as they are really great for displaying video it’s on my list. I love the way SpicyNodes displays th Freebox Everyday Dance Project and I can’t wait to see it on an Ipad. Exciting stuff.

  2. Fraser says:

    I think it would be really useful if you can make an offline version of spicynodes for iPad. iPads are great for offline Powerpoint presentations. But the problem at the moment with spicynodes afaik is that you need to be online to walk through a nodemap. I’m starting to use nodemaps INSTEAD of powerpoint for presentations, but when you’re in a presentation room, or a client or somewhere like that you may not have internet access. Of course, iPad has the 3G, but I prefer to simply load up in my office then go – there’s always a risk when you’re making an online presentation. If you lose internet, you lose your presentation and also (potentially) your client.
    If you already have an offline version of spicynodes, then please put that down to my lack of knowledge of all of spicynodes capabilities. I think it’s a great tool btw.

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