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Our Journey: Bridging the Gap

April 2nd, 2010      

With SpicyNodes, we’re trying to bridge the gap that exists between humans and computers, and make the process of finding new information a fun, exploratory journey rather than a cumbersome chore. Using radial maps as a staring point, we figured out how to make SpicyNodes compatible with and operate smoothly in Web browsers.

When our global team of engineers, designers, writers, and artists began working on SpicyNodes in 2005, we saw great promise in radial maps, which have been around for a century, and which were explored in earnest in the 1990s by several computer science researchers. We quickly realized that radial maps could help users navigate many kinds of information, and that we could make an intuitive and natural tool that is both easy to use and beautiful. We improved on the technology, adding our own spice, and developed the SpicyNodes engine that could present complex information in a way that invited exploration and triggered creative thought – while breaking down what we considered the artificial barriers between humans and computers.

You use more than your brain when you seek information. When you explore a new environment, you like to get a sense of how it feels. It was important to us to have an intuitively appealing interface that allows you to manipulate information tactilely, in a way that mimics how real objects move when you handle them.

People like becoming absorbed in their endeavors – just ask anyone who gets lost in the process of painting a picture, writing a novel, or playing a video game. We designed SpicyNodes to be fun and engaging, so that you can become immersed in the experience of exploring realms of information.

Unlike computers, you have the ability to appreciate and value beauty. We deliberately designed SpicyNodes to be aesthetically pleasing so that you will have a richer and more satisfying experience, and can enjoy the journey of seeking information as well as the destination of finding it.

In other words, our passion in creating SpicyNodes is an extension of our belief that technology should not only make your life easier, but that it should make your life richer as well.

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  1. As I view this, the obvious question comes up. How or when are you going to do a HTML 5 CSS 3 version for iPad/ iPhone like devices?

    Are spicy nodes url links or are they complete files that you share ?

    more as I think of them
    reminds me of this:


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